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SEO Magicians is a dedicated SEO consulting agency providing transparent and affordable Search Engine Optimization services to businesses of all sizes.


In order to get ranked on Google, your website needs to be business worthy. Google is business and they care for their customers too. So, fulfilling the actual search intent and making sure that your website has all the answers that your customer wants to hear is the first step to page one rankings.

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You have answered your customers the best way possible. However, without fixing the technical aspects, Google won't be able to see it. Optimization is the step where we make sure Google actually reads through your website and we make sure it's actually finding the relevant information.

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In order to get ranked in Google, you need to do things in better way than your competitors. Whether it be backlinks or update awesome piece of content. Also, reaching the top and staying at the top are two different chapters. With our services, you can rest assured and dominate your industry!

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Increase your sales as well as your traffic with our magic. We are a digital marketing agency with difference that focuses on realistic goals. With Australia’s best SEO service you can prepare yourself to be on the first page of Google.

Digital marketing in 2021 is vast and SEO is only one of the channels of online visibility. Meanwhile, we solely engages with your website SEO strategy.

No other SEO company gives you one on one opportunity to have a closer look at your marketing campaign. With modern reporting tools and customized data collection, we make it possible. Because we are confident that our SEO strategy will bring you the results you need.

Are you a serious business owner, CEO, or a marketing manager looking forward to quality SEO services in order to increase your online presence? You maybe the ideal partner we are looking for: Contact me today!

3 Major Parts of SEO

On Page Optimization

It comes as no surprise that content on a webpage affects how a website ranks. Backlinkio found that the average content length for Google page 1 results was 1890 words. Imagine writing 1890 words for 100s or even thousands of pages of content on your website. Our SEO experts in Australia know how to maximise your content. In other words, we will work with you to develop a content strategy to be used in multiple pages of your website without being penalised. We work with your large, medium, or small business to develop a long-term SEO strategy.

Off Page Optimization

Off-page SEO, or Off-site SEO, refers to external factors that affect your website's online visibility. Google ranks websites in search results based on hundreds of factors. Off-page SEO involves building a profile for your company online that increases its trustworthiness, popularity, and relevance. Off-page SEO is the process of gaining approval from other reputable websites on the internet. Like a website reference, having another website vouch for your validity and reliability will boost your organic visibility.

Technical SEO

Google and other search engines want to fulfil users. So Google's robots crawl and evaluate web pages. A user's experience factor is page load time. Other elements aid search engine robots. Structured website architecture data does this optimisations for search engines. Your efforts may result in better rankings or results. For Google bot crawling, SEO Magicians uses a unique Technical SEO Australia standard. Examples of technical SEO aspects are website speed/ security, image optimization, internal linking and more.


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Why work with SEO Magicians?

There are a thousands of companies providing SEO related services. However, when it comes to producing results they fail!

The reason why they fail is; they follow nothing more than what Google says. However, marketing is creativity, and you can still be creative following all the necessary Google guidelines.

Here are some of the reasons why you need to consider working with an SEO consultant instead of a company;

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